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Harajuku Lovers – Fragrance

I love perfume.  I wear a bit everyday. I especially love perfume in pretty bottles. And even  more in super cute doll bottles! A few years ago my teenage daughter and I were introduced to the world of “Harajuku Lovers Fragrance”.  She received a lovely perfume set as a Christmas gift. It came with the perfume bottle and a matching solid perfume. We both fell in  love with the adorable bottles.

The one that started our collection, “MUSIC”.

Super cute solid perfume face.

The solid perfume slides open. And smells so pretty.

Ever since her first Harajuku perfume my daughter and I have been collecting them. We have an unspoken agreement for us not to each have the same one.

The first one my daughter gave me for my birthday. Notice the cute cupcake ring I got on the same day. 🙂

The Harajuku Lovers fragrances are part of singer Gwen Stefani’s fashion line of merchandise, inspired by Tokyo’s “Harajuku” street scene.

My daughter gave me this one last Christmas. It’s called “Jingle G”, it came with a velvet ribbon to hang as an ornament.

There are 5 different “doll” perfumes with their own name. There is Baby, Music, Love, Lil’ Angel and G.

I like this summer one with her big sunglasses and hibiscus flower in her hair.

There is also a line of the Wicked fragrances which have a soft, “velvety” feel to their hair/head.  I don’t like them as much and so I haven’t gotten one.

I especially love the hair on this African style dolly.

These 3 are from the “Wicked” line. I picked them out because of their bold hair color. You can’t tell really well from this pic but their perfume is colored to each girl’s hair color.

I gave my daughter the “Super G”, the one on the left. I especially like it because of its big size (compared to the others), and the way the doll is on her side like she is flying.  Those are some pretty yellow triangle stud earrings my daughter had next to her perfumes.  🙂

I received this adorable beach towel as a free gift with purchase from Macy’s. Woohoo!

Do you have a line of perfume or perfume bottles that you collect and just adore?  If you do, I would love to hear about it and see some pics.