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Harajuku Lovers – Fragrance

I love perfume.  I wear a bit everyday. I especially love perfume in pretty bottles. And even  more in super cute doll bottles! A few years ago my teenage daughter and I were introduced to the world of “Harajuku Lovers Fragrance”.  She received a lovely perfume set as a Christmas gift. It came with the perfume bottle and a matching solid perfume. We both fell in  love with the adorable bottles.

The one that started our collection, “MUSIC”.

Super cute solid perfume face.

The solid perfume slides open. And smells so pretty.

Ever since her first Harajuku perfume my daughter and I have been collecting them. We have an unspoken agreement for us not to each have the same one.

The first one my daughter gave me for my birthday. Notice the cute cupcake ring I got on the same day. 🙂

The Harajuku Lovers fragrances are part of singer Gwen Stefani’s fashion line of merchandise, inspired by Tokyo’s “Harajuku” street scene.

My daughter gave me this one last Christmas. It’s called “Jingle G”, it came with a velvet ribbon to hang as an ornament.

There are 5 different “doll” perfumes with their own name. There is Baby, Music, Love, Lil’ Angel and G.

I like this summer one with her big sunglasses and hibiscus flower in her hair.

There is also a line of the Wicked fragrances which have a soft, “velvety” feel to their hair/head.  I don’t like them as much and so I haven’t gotten one.

I especially love the hair on this African style dolly.

These 3 are from the “Wicked” line. I picked them out because of their bold hair color. You can’t tell really well from this pic but their perfume is colored to each girl’s hair color.

I gave my daughter the “Super G”, the one on the left. I especially like it because of its big size (compared to the others), and the way the doll is on her side like she is flying.  Those are some pretty yellow triangle stud earrings my daughter had next to her perfumes.  🙂

I received this adorable beach towel as a free gift with purchase from Macy’s. Woohoo!

Do you have a line of perfume or perfume bottles that you collect and just adore?  If you do, I would love to hear about it and see some pics.


Wild For Wildflowers

I'm lucky enough to have this view from my kitchen desk window.

Before, I never used to appreciate wildflowers much less think much about them. Except perhaps the ‘Black-Eyed Susan’ whom I used to admire growing wildly from the sides of the freeway off-ramps. When my second son announced that he wanted to grow wildflowers I was a bit dubious as the ‘weeds’ are not very attractive. I would always get on my hired gardener about making sure that he always removed any weeds. When I showed him which ‘weeds’ to leave alone, he even looked dubious. He was like “Those? You don’t want me to touch those? Okay….”

Well thanks to my son my eyes have now been opened to this beautiful part of having a garden. I not only appreciate wildflowers but strongly believe that there is a place for wildflowers in every garden.  I am so thrilled to be able to go out every couple of days and pick flowers to arrange around my house. And the array of color is just breathtaking.

So pretty in pink.

I will now always cherish wildflowers. Not just for the delight they have brought me, but because they are part of my son and his love of God’s handiwork.

I love these pretty white ones growing shyly in the back.

Our cat thinks it's a beautiful place to relax. It is one of her favorite spots.

I love it that I have these pretty flowers to brighten the inside of my home.

Even Mrs. DeVine in the Fancy Nancy books has a wildflower garden. 😉

In the children’s book Fancy Nancy “Explorer Extraordinaire” there is a one page introduction to wildflowers – with fancy names! “Oooh-la-la”!

One reason I love the Fancy Nancy books is how the author incorporates real photography and facts in the stories, making the books educational as well as adorable.

Beauty & Charm – My Title Inspiration

I love all things vintage, and I love to read.  Combining the two, I started to collect vintage magazines.  My favorites are women’s, children and homemaking magazines.  I love the graphics, the pictures, the stories of eras past. I enjoy a peek at what life and issues were like for other women and families in our country.  I especially love the fashions of the past.  One of the magazines I had in my stash was this one:

As I was enjoying looking thru it, the following ad caught my eye:  ‘Ooooh, wouldn’t it be neat to be able to actually look thru that book?!’

So I started to search for it, and yay, I was able to acquire a copy!  I couldn’t believe my luck! Oh my I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

I have had it now for a couple of years and I just love it. Every time I pick it up I come away with something new and positive. I especially enjoy it because it’s not a shallow beauty book at all. If anything it is filled with tips and advice that can be applied to today’s lifestyle as well as from the 50’s. The core of this book is making the most of the assets you were born with, making the most of what you have – for giving and sharing with others. No matter what season in life you are in you can appreciate it, develop it and embrace it.  Thus you will be giving the best of yourself to those around you, touching and blessing them. And c’mon, it’s a vintage beauty book – what’s not charming about that, lol?!

Here’s a bite-sized sample from the book, hopefully you’ll see what I mean:

“Developing the feeling of beauty.  Some things that create and bolster it: 

Enjoy being alive:  Make a conscious effort to enjoy living – the actual life processes of eating, breathing, walking, sleeping. Stretch and relax, breathe deeply, and think yourself into being a complete physical entity – resourceful, happy, glad to be alive.

Be sensitive to beauty:  Respond fully to the world about you – let life touch you through your senses – smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing.

Enjoy new experiences:  Look at everything, and do things as if you had never seen them or done them before. Talk to people and listen to them, enjoy them.

Do sweet things:  The act of giving – whether it be a smile, good advice, writing a letter, or an actual gift – does more than a lipstick to bolster the feeling of beauty.

Talk beauty:  Open your thoughts to others – because only through human relationships can your inward beauty develop and grow. Allow others to know you and get to know them – it will help you to know yourself.”

My wish is that when you come and visit my blog you will be encouraged to find beauty and charm in the simple things in life.