Our Childhood Teddys

~The two lovebirds. ~

This is a story of love. Love represented in two teddy bears. The happy couple sits lovingly on top of our bed every day. Or as long as it’s a day the bed was made, lol. The big teddy is mine and the little teddy is my hubby’s. My teddy has been with me since I was a wee little girl. I don’t just love it because it is mine but because of the sentimental value behind it. It was given to me by my grandma and grandpa. My sweet grandma has been gone now for over 21 years. I can’t even believe it’s been that long since it has flown by. When I think of true love I think of two people – my husband and my grandma. They are the two people in the world that without a doubt,  have loved me unconditionally. She would be so happy to know how much I cherish my teddy because of her.

Teddy has seen better days. 😉

Teddy used to have a wind-up music box. I wish I knew what it sounded like.

As you can see from the pictures my teddy bear has seen better days. Fur missing in countless places, loose/ripped ears, broken music box and marker scribbled on her. These things would be okay – if they were done by me. But, no, they were done by my little sister. She would want my teddy bear so bad and my mom would give it to her to, well frankly, to shut her up, lol.  The sad thing is that not only did my teddy get beaten up but it felt like so did my heart.

I think she looks much prettier in her yellow dress. This little dress was made by hand for my 18 y.o. daughter when she was a baby. The sweet lady that made it is now in her 90's and unable to crochet any longer. But her mind is as sharp as a whistle, lol.

Moral of my story? Parents, please, think twice before:  1. Giving your older child’s toy(s) to a younger sibling just because that sibling is being loud and demanding. To you it might not be a big deal but it is to said child.  AND  2. Giving away, donating your child’s favorite toys because they are just clutter to you or you think your kids don’t want them because they don’t play with them that often. Just because they don’t play with them that much doesn’t mean they don’t mean anything to them. I would encourage parents to decide together with the child and leave the final decision up to them with whom they want to share and whether they want to discard their toy(s).

My hubby's teddy.

And here is more love to add to my story. My mother-in-law saved just about every toy of my husband’s and his siblings childhood. When she saw I had my teddy and always kept her on our bed, she didn’t hesitate to send me his even though she had kept it all those years. A loving and sweet gesture if you ask me.

My little boy with daddy's teddy.

I hope you have a teddy or a favorite childhood toy of your own to enjoy and make you smile. If not, then I hope this post has made you smile today.