Missing Children – Maybe you know one?

Every week in my mailbox we receive a flyer of a missing child.  It comes included in what most consider to be “junk mail” such as ads and coupons.  So easy to miss.  These flyers/ads are put out by “The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children.  It is a national, not-for-profit organization.  It was born out of tragedy, the abduction and murder of children.  I think of how awful and sad it must be for those parents and loved ones that don’t know what has happened to their beloved children.

Here is the link to The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children:


It is a shame to just throw these flyers out and the organizations resources going down the trash.   Here are a few steps I take to help out in some small way.  Every single week I take the time to look at the pictures and information closely to make sure it is not someone I might know.  I upload the flyers to my Facebook page to share with family & friends in case they recognize someone and ask them to pass it along.   I  cut out the flyers and hubby takes them to work and puts them out in the lunch room for other employees to see.  Someone in his company has been sweet enough to get a bulletin board and hang them up on the board.  If I am mailing out a package to an acquaintance I will include a flyer and ask them to please take a look at it and pass it on.  And now I am going to be posting the flyers/pictures here on my blog, just in case.  I believe in miracles!

Will you join my small effort to get these pictures circulated and pray that  a missing child can be found and returned to their family?  Wouldn’t it be amazing?  Would you be so kind as to take a look at them and pass them on?  We can’t give up on these precious children and their families.  Till next time…


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