Animal Drawing #3 – Dolphin

“This dolphin is laughing at you, because it is a dolphin and you are not.” – Eric Baker

It’s Wednesday – that means it’s hump day!  And what a fun way to start the day, with a laughing dolphin!


Missing Children – Maybe you know one?

Every week in my mailbox we receive a flyer of a missing child.  It comes included in what most consider to be “junk mail” such as ads and coupons.  So easy to miss.  These flyers/ads are put out by “The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children.  It is a national, not-for-profit organization.  It was born out of tragedy, the abduction and murder of children.  I think of how awful and sad it must be for those parents and loved ones that don’t know what has happened to their beloved children.

Here is the link to The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children:

It is a shame to just throw these flyers out and the organizations resources going down the trash.   Here are a few steps I take to help out in some small way.  Every single week I take the time to look at the pictures and information closely to make sure it is not someone I might know.  I upload the flyers to my Facebook page to share with family & friends in case they recognize someone and ask them to pass it along.   I  cut out the flyers and hubby takes them to work and puts them out in the lunch room for other employees to see.  Someone in his company has been sweet enough to get a bulletin board and hang them up on the board.  If I am mailing out a package to an acquaintance I will include a flyer and ask them to please take a look at it and pass it on.  And now I am going to be posting the flyers/pictures here on my blog, just in case.  I believe in miracles!

Will you join my small effort to get these pictures circulated and pray that  a missing child can be found and returned to their family?  Wouldn’t it be amazing?  Would you be so kind as to take a look at them and pass them on?  We can’t give up on these precious children and their families.  Till next time…

A New Year and a New Line of Fun Drawings

The day before yesterday – insanity wolf.”    -By Eric BakerGoogle

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are having a great start to your new year.  I know I haven’t been here in a long time but life got quite busy and I had to let some things go.  Not that I anticipate 2013 any less busy, but I’ve missed sharing and writing.  So here I am in the new year hoping to do more of what I enjoy.

One of the things I am so excited about sharing with you is a new line of animal drawings.  My son is a young man who has had a love of drawing since he was a wee little one.  He has recently committed himself to drawing and sharing 365 different animals, both real and fictional.  He is doing what is called “rough drawing”, where there is no preliminary or refinement techniques in the final sketch.

He first picks an animal, many of which come from suggestions from the public.  Secondly he does a few gesture drawings to get the pose right.  And thirdly he starts the final piece and sticks with whatever he comes out with.

I hope you will enjoy his drawings as much as he enjoys making them.  Till next time….

Harajuku Lovers – Fragrance

I love perfume.  I wear a bit everyday. I especially love perfume in pretty bottles. And even  more in super cute doll bottles! A few years ago my teenage daughter and I were introduced to the world of “Harajuku Lovers Fragrance”.  She received a lovely perfume set as a Christmas gift. It came with the perfume bottle and a matching solid perfume. We both fell in  love with the adorable bottles.

The one that started our collection, “MUSIC”.

Super cute solid perfume face.

The solid perfume slides open. And smells so pretty.

Ever since her first Harajuku perfume my daughter and I have been collecting them. We have an unspoken agreement for us not to each have the same one.

The first one my daughter gave me for my birthday. Notice the cute cupcake ring I got on the same day. 🙂

The Harajuku Lovers fragrances are part of singer Gwen Stefani’s fashion line of merchandise, inspired by Tokyo’s “Harajuku” street scene.

My daughter gave me this one last Christmas. It’s called “Jingle G”, it came with a velvet ribbon to hang as an ornament.

There are 5 different “doll” perfumes with their own name. There is Baby, Music, Love, Lil’ Angel and G.

I like this summer one with her big sunglasses and hibiscus flower in her hair.

There is also a line of the Wicked fragrances which have a soft, “velvety” feel to their hair/head.  I don’t like them as much and so I haven’t gotten one.

I especially love the hair on this African style dolly.

These 3 are from the “Wicked” line. I picked them out because of their bold hair color. You can’t tell really well from this pic but their perfume is colored to each girl’s hair color.

I gave my daughter the “Super G”, the one on the left. I especially like it because of its big size (compared to the others), and the way the doll is on her side like she is flying.  Those are some pretty yellow triangle stud earrings my daughter had next to her perfumes.  🙂

I received this adorable beach towel as a free gift with purchase from Macy’s. Woohoo!

Do you have a line of perfume or perfume bottles that you collect and just adore?  If you do, I would love to hear about it and see some pics.

The Phoebe Dunn Collection

Below is a brief  introduction to the author, taken from the inside cover of one of the books. I just cannot describe it any better:

Phoebe Dunn was a world-renowned photographer known especially for her pictures of children and animals. Her timeless images, photographed in natural settings, using natural light, uniquely capture the interactions and relationships between children and their pets. A number of her books have been written by her daughter, Judy Dunn. For more than thirty years, Phoebe Dunn photographed the world as she knew it, capturing the feelings and relationships that make us all human.

The Little Duck was the first book in the series that I discovered. It was published in 1976. I don’t remember where we got it from but it has been in our home library since my oldest son was a toddler.  What a darling book it is. It tells the story of the life of a duck from little egg to adulthood. What stands out in these books is the photography. There are no illustrations, the story is completely told in real life photographs.

Sample pages of the baby duck hatching from his egg.

After enjoying The Little Duck for many years I discovered that there was an entire collection of these books. Being the book lover that I am and enjoying the book I already had, I knew I had to have the rest. My local mom-and-pop bookstore were able to order me the rest of the books. I was so excited to get  brand new copies as my original book had been a second had copy and was pretty worn. Unfortunately they were not able to acquire for me a copy of The Little Duck. My next best alternative is to try to find a used/like new copy from an internet source.

Sample page of The Little Kitten.

I am so happy to have these books in my children’s book collection to enjoy with my kids. If you love children’s books as much as I do, I hope you will add these to your collection and enjoy them with a youngster in your life.

Sample page of The Little Dog.